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Faux Bois Or Wood Grained Doors With Gilded Detailing, Mayfair, London.
Faux bois doors with gilded detailing – Mayfair, London.
Grand Faux Bois Doors, Avenue Foch, Paris
Grand faux bois door – Avenue Foch, Paris
Smoky Colour Washes On Walls
Smoky walls – Powder Room
Trompe L'oeil Mouldings With Gilding On A Faux Bois Background, Hyde Park
Trompe l’oeil mouldings with gilding on a faux bois bed – Hyde Park
Faux Concrete Effect Booths For Freud Bar, Covent Garden
Concrete effect booths- Freud Bar, Covent Garden
Faux Rusted Iron Columns For Restaurant, Metropolitan Wharf
Faux rusted iron columns – Metropolitan Wharf
Fresco Finishes With Star Motif And Trompe L'oeil Panels
Trompe l’oeil fresco panels with star
Faux Mahogany Wood Graining On Doors At King's Observatory, Kew
Faux mahogany door – The Kings Observatory, Kew
Faux Mahogany Wood Grained Doors, In Progress, King's Observatory, Kew
Faux mahogany doors in process – Kings Observatory, Kew
Trompe L'oeil Fresco Panels, Kensington
Trompe l’oeil fresco panels, Kensington
Empire Style Painted Wardrobe Doors, Belgravia
Empire style painted wardrobe doors – Belgravia
Faux Satinwood Graining For Lift Interior
Faux satinwood lift interior
Fumed Silver Walls Light Up A Staircase In Regents Park
Fumed silver walls staircase – Regents Park
Hand Painting Camouflages Movement Sensors, Parc Monceau, Paris
Camouflage movement sensors – Parc Monceau, Paris
Faux polished plaster feature wall
Faux Polished Concrete Column
Faux polished concrete column
Specialist Decorator Painting Dark Gold Feature Wall, Chelsea
Dark gold feature wall in process – Chelsea
Patinated Silver Leaf Column
Patinated silver-leaf column
Specialist Paint Finish Creates Patinated Bronze And Gold Walls
Patinated bronze and gold walls
Marbling Creates The Illusion Of Marble Blocks
Painted marble blocks
Metallic Paint Effect Feature Wall
Metallic feature wall
Faux Textured Plaster, Moroccan Hammam Style
Faux textured plaster – Moroccan hammam style
Faux Antique Pine Wood Graining Matches In Radiator Covers, St Johns Wood
Radiator covers in faux antique pine – St Johns Wood
Faux Bois Old Pine Matches In Radiator Covers
Faux bois pine radiator covers
Hand-painted Wardrobe Doors Decorative With Sprigged Motifs, Belgravia
Hand-painted wardrobe doors with motifs – Belgravia
Painted Wardrobes Feature Hand Painted Neoclassical Motifs And Gilding
Hand-painted and gilded wardrobes – Belgravia, London.
Faux Chinese Red Lacquer Finishes, Knightsbridge
Faux Chinese red lacquer finish- Knightsbridge
Trompe L'oeil Italianate Scene Painted To Disguise Folding Doors
Trompe l’oeil scene painted to disguise folding doors
Trompe L'oeil Panels For Belgravia Salon
Trompe l’oeil panels -Salon Belgravia
Soft Parchment Wall Treatment, Kensington
Soft parchment wall treatment – Kensington
Gold Pearlescent Painted Cornice
Gold pearlescent cornice
Stone Blocking And Faux Fossilized Stone Effect
Stone-block and fossil effect
Faux Antique Drab Silk Walls For Georgian Interior, Knightsbridge
Faux antique silk walls – Knightsbridge
Textured Plaster Wall Finish For Morrocan-style Hammam Or Turkish Bath
Textured plaster finish – Morrocan hammam
Trompe L'oeil Mural In Biedermeier-style Powder Room Showing Painted Drapery And Faux Bois
Trompe l’oeil Biedermeier powder room – drapes and faux bois
Distressed Silver Leaf Finish, Art Deco Style, London
Distressed silver-leaf finish, Savoy
Antiqued Silver Leaf Wall Treatment For Art Deco Style Interior
Antiqued silver-leaf walls – Savoy
Specialist Paint Finish Recreates Effect Of Silk Line Walls, Belgravia
Imitation silk-walling – Belgravia
Blue Linen Effect Specialist Paint Finish, London
Blue linen effect walls – Princess Gate
Bronze Effect Painted Chimney Breast
Bronze effect chimney breast
Faux Copper Effect Walls By Specialist Decorator
Copper effect walls – Savoy London
Restored Lion And Unicorn Coat Of Arms For Town Hall, London, By Nicola Thwaites Specialist Decorating
Restored coat of arms – Town Hall, London
Colour Washes: Golden Fresco Effect Walls, Knightsbridge Residence
Golden fresco walls – Knightsbridge
Old Plaster Effect Walls In Process Of Being Painted By Specialist Decorator
‘Old plaster’ effect walls – in process
Antique Faux Plaster Effect, Bedford Square Residence
Antique plaster effect – Bedford Square
Trompe L'oeil Mouldings On Faux Bois With Gilded Coach Lines
Trompe l’oeil mouldings on faux bois with gilded coach-lines
Faux Glace Red Leather Panelling, Savoy
Faux glace leather paneling – The Savoy
Faux Cararra Marble Dado, Belgravia
Faux Cararra marble dado – Belgravia
Faux Marble Or Marbling For Belgravia Residence
Faux marble dado – Drawing room Belgravia
Painted Faux Panel Doors For Laduree Of Paris
Faux paneled doors – Laduree of Paris
Faux Chinese Red Lacquer Panels, Princess Gate, London
Faux Chinese red lacquer panels – Princess Gate.
Faux Suede Wall Treatment From Our Range Of Fresco Finishes
Faux suede effect walls
Faux Fossil Wall Finish For Grand Atrium, Trinity House, London
Fossil finish – Grand Atrium Trinity House London
Painted And Gilded Cornice At The Garrick Club, London
Painted cornice detail – The Garrick Club
Gilded Cornice At The Garrick Club, London
Gilded cornice – Garrick Club
Gilded Ceiling Rose For Jacobean Interior, Yorkshire
Gilded ceiling rose – Kildwick Hall North Yorkshire.
Painted And Gilded Jacobean Frieze, Yorkshire
Painted Jacobean frieze – Kildwick Hall North Yorkshire.
Gilded Cornice At Jacobean Manor In Yorkshire
Gilded cornice, Kildwick Hall, Yorks.
Marbled Alcove By Specialist Decorator
Marbled alcove
Marbling Or Faux Marble Effect On Classical Column
Marbled column detail
Marbled Columns At Hotel In Queens Gate, London
Marbled columns – Hotel, Queens Gate
Detail Of Marbling On Pillar, London, UK
Marbled pillar detail
Decorative Plasterwork Restored With Traditional Painted Glazes And Gilded Details
Painted and gilded plaster – Drawing room, Lancaster Gate
Panelled Room With Gold Coach Lining, Regents Park
Panelled room with gold coach lining – Regents Park
Soft Parchment Effect Paint Treatment For Walls
Parchment effect – walls
Painted Faux Pewter Effect Wardrobes
Pewter effect – wardrobes
Faux Rust Effect Painted Columns At Metropolitan Wharf, Wapping
Rust effect columns – Metropolitan Wharf, Wapping
Silver "Milky Way" Specialist Wall Finish
Silver ‘Milky Way’ wall finish – Chelsea
Silver And Gold Paint Effect For Sunken Ceiling - Mayfair
Silver and gold sunken ceiling – Mayfair
Silver Leafed Desk
Silver-leafed desk
Painted Ceiling With Sky And Clouds
Sky ceiling
Soft Fresco Effect Painted Wall Treatment
Soft fresco wall treatment – Knightsbridge
Bespoke stenciled wallpaper – Fine Arts and Antique Fair
Traditional Stipple & Wipe Glaze - Princess Gate
Traditional stipple & wipe glaze – Princess Gate
Stone-blocked Stairwell, London
Stone-blocked stairwell – Holland Park
Stone Blocked Stairwell, London
Stone blocked staircase -Holland Park
Antiqued Silver Leaf Finish For Savoy Hotel
Antiqued silver-leaf finish – Savoy Hotel
Trompe L'oeil Painted Panels For Laduree Of Paris
Trompe l’oeil panels, Laduree of Paris
Watts Gallery - Heritage Lottery Restoration By Nicola Thwaites Specialist Decorating
Watts Gallery – Heritage Lottery restoration
Silvered And Copperised Arches For Watts Gallery Restoration
Watts Gallery Restoration – silvered & copperised arches
Faux White Marble Dado For Belgravia Drawing Room
Faux marble dado – Drawing-room, Belgravia.
White Gold Leaf Applied To Antique Console
White gold leaf console
White Gold Leaf Applied To 18th Century Console Table
White gold leaf 18c console table – detail
Wood Graining For Arts & Crafts Door, London
Wood graining – Arts & Crafts door, Kensington
Wood Graining In Walnut For Arts And Crafts Door
Wood graining – Walnut Arts and Crafts door
Painted Lincrusta Oak Effect At Trinity College, Cambridge
Painted lincrusta oak effect – Trinity College, Cambridge
Specialist Decorator Working On A Design
Working on a design
Specialist Decorator Working On Gold And Silver Painted Ceiling
Working on gold and silver ceiling
Traditional Stipple And Wipe On Ceiling Rose, Belgravia, Illustrating Use Of Traditional Painted Glazes
Traditional stipple and wipe glaze work – Belgravia
Brushed Silver Effect For Wardrobe Trim
Brushed silver effect wardrobe trim
Frieze Hand Painted To Match Curtains, Paris Apartment
Painted frieze to match curtains – Paris
Traditional Stipple And Wipe Technique On Walls
Traditional stipple and wipe in ivory
Traditional Stipple And Wipe Dado With Glazed Walls
Traditional stipple & wipe dado & glazed walls
Traditional Painted Glaze Work On Doors In Soft Pink
Traditional glaze work in soft pink
Detail Of Subtle Stencil Work For A Bedroom
Stencil work bedroom – detail
Stardust Paint Effect On Ceiling, Paris
Stardust ceiling – Paris
Apricot Colour Wash For Grand Staircase
Apricot colour wash – grand staircase
Chocolate Suede Paint Effect For Boy's Room
Chocolate suede effect – boy’s room
18th Century Style Acid Yellow Painted Glaze Work On Dado
18c acid yellow glaze work – Knightsbridge
Denim Paint Effect For Boy's Room
Denim paint effect – boy’s room
Silver Leafed Powder Room At The Savoy
Silver-leaf powder room – Savoy
Soft Painted Drag In Celadon, Knightsbridge Residence
Soft drag in celadon, Knightsbridge
Wardrobe With Subtle Stencil Design, Knightsbridge
Stenciled wardrobe – Knightsbridge
Wood Grained Lift Doors For Ralph Lauren Stores
Wood grained lift doors, Ralph Lauren stores
Fresco Finish In Panelled Room In Soft Green
Panelled room – fresco in pistachio with highlights
Traditional Paint Treatment For Wall Panels, Belgravia
Traditional paint treatment to paneled room, Belgravia
Soft Green Colour Wash On Walls
Soft green colour wash
Medallion Decorated With Terracotta Paint Effect By Nicola Thwaites Specialist Decorating
Terracotta paint effect, medallion
Faux Raised Grain Limed Oak Effect
Faux raised-grain limed oak effect
Walls With Book-ended Carrara Marbling
Bookended Carrara marbling
Smoky Paint Effect On Bathroom Walls
Smoky Walls – Bathroom
Marbling Or Faux Marble On Painted Dado
Marbled dado
Gilded cross and stars All Saints Church West Dulwich
Gold Shimmer Effect Wall Treatment With Gilded Beading
Panelled dining room- detail. Gold shimmer effect walls with gilded beading
Silver Leafed Armchair Undergoing Restoration
Studio work – silver leafed armchair
chinoiserie chesham place
Painted Faux Marble Dado
Painted marble dado
Raised grain panels in pearlescent
Book Case In Wood Grained Mahogany
Book case painted in a mahogany finish
Faux limestone – Trinity House, London
Stone Blocked Neoclassical Plinth
Stone blocked plinth
Vanity Unit Painted With Antique Ivory Effect
Antique ivory effect vanity unit
Book Leaved White Marbling
Book-leaved marble effect
Glossy Lacquer Finishes For Wall Treatment
Yellow lacquer wall
Faux Mahogany Wood Grained Book Case
Faux mahogany bookcase
Faux Aged Plaster Finish On Wall
Aged plaster finish
Bathroom -Smoky Walls
Wood Grained Door And Marbled Dado
Marbled dado grained door
Colour Wash For Grand Staircase, Ambassadorial Residence
Colour wash Grand staircase, Ambassadorial residence
Colour Washes: Painted Faux Fresco Plaster Effect For Walls
Fresco plaster effect in olive
Soft Grey Colour Wash - Wall Treatment
Soft grey colour wash
Coarse Drag Style With Stippled Panel
Panelling – coarse drag style with stippled panel
Silver Leafed Modern Table Legs
Silver leafed table legs
Gilded Chair Frames With Hand Painted Motifs
Gilded chair frames with hand painted sprigs
Ivory Fresco Wall Treatment For A Hausmann Apartment
Ivory fresco walls, Hausmann apartment, Paris
Colour Washes And Hand Painted Motifs On Door Panels
Colour wash, hand painted door panels
All Saints Church West Dulwich- Day Chapel gilded cross and stars
Hand-painted chinoiserie wallpaper, Belgravia
Faux Marbre Pilasters At St. John's RC Church
St John’s RC Church, Islington
Mural Painting Of Alpine Scene For Boy's Bedroom
Alpine mural detail
Wall Painting Of Mountain Landscape
Alpine mural
Elegant Knightsbridge interior
Knightsbridge panelled room
Luxury Faux Finish In Golden Leopard Skin
Golden leopard skin
Textured wall finish- Thames houseboat, London
Silver plaster finish -Private residence Fulham, London
Silver plaster finish
Plaster finish – Private residence Fulham, London
Marbled fireplace – offices Mayfair
Gilded and lacquered doors – Thames house-boat, London
painterly marbles
Painted kitchens
Metallic finish – private residence Fulham, London
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