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Amber Lacquer Effect - Sample
Amber lacquer
Antique Burnished Gold Leaf - Studio Sample
Antique burnished gold-leaf
Antique Gilded Effect On Red Bole
Antique gilded effect on red bole
Rustic Plaster Effect In Gold
Rustic plaster effect
Faux Antique Leather
Faux antique leather
Antiqued Imitation Tortoiseshell On Gold
Antique tortoiseshell on gold
Antiqued Finishes In Specialist Decorator's Studio
Antiqued finishes
Antiqued Silver Leaf On Beading, With Crackle Glaze
Antiqued silver leaf on beading and crackle glaze
Tiled And Antiqued Silver Leaf
Antiqued silver-leaf
Black And Gold Marbleising
Black and gold marbleising
Blackened Silver Painted Wall Treatment
Blackened silver
Blue Lacquered Table
Blue lacquered table
Brecciated White Grey Marble Effect
Brecciated white grey marble
Faux Bronze Samples In Specialist Decorator's Studio
Bronze samples
Burnished Bronze Faux Wall Finish
Burnished bronze
Faux Carrara Marble Sample
Carrara marble effect
Limewash On Cellar Walls, A Breathable Finish
Limewash on cellar walls – breathable
Crazed Paint Finish
Crazed finish
Restoration Of Italianate Mural By Specialist Decorator
Detail of Italianate mural restoration
Faux Chinoiserie Wallpaper - Belgravia
Faux chinoiserie wallpaper – Belgravia
Faux Limestone Effect, A Specialist Decorating Finish
Faux limestone finish
Faux Maple Marquetry Sample
Faux maple marquetry
Faux Marble Blocks, London
Faux marble blocks
Faux Marbre Or Marbling Sample
Faux marble
Feather Mahogany Wood Graining On Door Panel
Feather Mahogany
Sample Of Gilded Silver Wall Treatment
Gilded silver
Luxury Faux Finish In Golden Leopard Skin
Golden leopard skin
Wall Finish Sample In Graphite And Gold
Graphite and gold
Heavily Distressed Finish Sample
Heavily distressed finish
Heavily Textured Antique Plaster Effect
Heavily textured antique plaster effect
Faux White Lacquer And Tortoiseshell Samples
Faux white lacquer and tortoiseshell samples
Faux Bronze Finishes From Specialist Decorating Portfolio
Bronze effects
Graphite Tile Effect For Wall Finish
Graphite tile effect
Textured And Antiqued Silver Finishes For Interior Decorating
Silver finishes – textured and antiqued
Glossy Faux Lacquer Finish In Blue
Faux lacquer finish
Golden Faux Lacquer Samples
Golden lacquers
Blue Aged Lacquer From Our Range Of Faux Lacquer Finishes
Aged lacquer effect
Antique Gold Metallic Finish For Walls
Metallic – Antique gold finish
Faux Rust Textured Wall Finish
Metallic Wall Finish In Silver And Gold
Metallic finish – silver and gold
Metallic Impasto Wall Treatment
Metallic impasto
Detail Of Metallic Painted Wall Treatment For Modern Interior
Metallic wall treatment – detail
Cabinet Detail Showing Faux Bois With Hand Painted Decoration
Cabinet detail – faux bois with painted decoration
Patinated Specialist Paint Finish
Patinated finish
Faux Plaster Fresco Finish
Plaster fresco
Polished Concrete Finish Created With Specialist Paint Effects
Polished concrete finish
Polished Stone Effect Using Specialist Decorating Techniques
Polished stone effect
Desk Gilded With Silver Leaf
Silver-leafed desk
Pompeiian Plaster Effect Using Specialist Decorating Techniques
Pompeiian plaster effect
Faux Stone Porphyry Finish
Porphyry finish
Rich Antique Leather Effect For Walls
Rich antique leather effect
Rich Burnt Orange Dragging Sample From Broken Colour Effects Range
Rich burnt orange drag
Rich Gold Drag Finish From Range Of Broken Colour Effects
Rich gold drag finish
Rich Red Drag Finish
Rich red drag finish
Samples Of Paint Finishes For Hand Painted Kitchens
Samples for hand-painted kitchen
Rough Faux Concrete Wall Treatment
Rough concrete finish
Rough Concrete Faux Finish
Rough concrete
Rustic Textured Plaster Effect For Walls
Rustic textured plaster
Limewash Walls In Saffron
Saffron limewash
Sculptural Bronze Effect For Interior Design
Sculptural bronze effect
Sienna Faux Marble Sample
Sienna faux marble
Soft Polished Plaster Finish For Wall
Soft polished plaster finish
Limed oak effect
Driftwood Distressed Wood Grained Finish
Driftwood finish – wood graining
Soft Stone Faux Finish
Soft stone finish
Silver Finish Samples In Specialist Decorator's Studio
Samples – studio
Sprinkled Silver Painted Wall Finish
Sprinkled silver finish
Specialist Decorating Samples In Studio Setting
Studio sample work
Selection Of Faux Bronze Finishes From Specialist Decorating Portfolio
Studio samples – bronzes
Selection Of Silver Wall Finish Samples
Studio samples – silvers
Samples Of Faux Tortoiseshell And White Lacquer Panels
Samples – Tortoiseshell and white lacquer panels
Specialist Decorating Samples In Studio
Studio samples
Hand Painted Furniture Showing Motif On Bed Head
Painted furniture – bed head
Hand Painted Samples For Bedroom Scheme, Belgravia
Samples for bedroom scheme – Belgravia
Hand Painted Furniture In Specialist Decorator's Studio
Studio work – hand painted furniture
Trompe L'oeil Panel Samples For Laduree Of Paris
Trompe l’oeil panel samples for Laduree of Paris
Specialist Decorating Samples In Studio Setting
Studio work – samples
Hand Painted Table In Specialist Decorator's Studio
Studio work – hand-painted table
Terracotta colour wash
Textured Metallic Paint Finish
Textured metallic
Specialist Paint Finish Of Faux Amber And Green Tortoishell
Amber and green tortoiseshell
Trompe L'oeil Panel Detail
Trompe l’oeil panel – detail
Trompe L'oeil Panel Sample For Doors And Dados
Trompe l’oeil panel sample for Laduree of Paris
White Gold Leafed Console Table By Nicola Thwaites Specialist Decorating
White gold-leafed console table – detail.
Faux Verdi Antico Marble Sample
Faux Verdi Antico marble
Aged Silver Leaf And Silver Dusted Effect
Aged silver-leaf & silver dusted effect
Blackened Steel Paint Effect
Blackened steel effect
Cross Strie Creates Linen Effect Wall Treatment
Linen effect walls – cross strie
Specialist Decorating Samples Showing Blue Lacquer And Amber Glazes
Samples – blue lacquer and amber glazes
Burnished Copper Effect Painted By Specialist Decorator
Burnished copper effect
Specialist Paint Effect Shows Textured Gold Finish
Textured gold
Samples Of Burnished Gold Leaf, Amber Drag, And Raised Wood Graining Effect
Burnished gold leaf, amber drag and raised wood graining effect
Faux Concrete Paint Effects
Concrete effects
Specialist Paint Finishes Showing Denim And Linen Effects
Denim & linen effect
Distressed Faux Plaster Effect
Distressed plaster effect
Antique Plaster Faux Wall Finish
Antique plaster wall finish
Detail Of Faux Fossil Wall Finish
Fossil finish – detail
Samples Of Green Faux Lacquer And Textured Silver
Green faux lacquer & textured silver
Hand Painted Neoclassical Motif On Wardrobe With Gilded Beading
Hand-painted wardrobes with gilding – Belgravia
Hand Painted Detail On Wardrobe Showing Olive Leaf On Strie Background
Hand-painted motifs
Distressed Paint Finishes For Hand Painted Kitchens
Hand-painted kitchen samples – distressed finishes
Distressed And Raised Grain Finishes For Hand Painted Kitchens
Hand-painted kitchen samples
Sample Of Imitation Antique Black Lacquer
Imitation antique black lacquer
Sample Of Imitation Antique White Lacquer
Imitation antique white lacquer
Samples Of Specialist Decorating Finishes
Painted samples
Lacquered Tortoiseshell Effect With Gold Leaf
Lacquered tortoiseshell effect w/goldleaf
Painted And Gilded Lincrusta At The Garrick Club
Painted and gilded Lincrusta -The Garrick Club
Marble Effect Detail Of Faux Finish
Marble effect – detail
Polished Concrete Effect Sample
Polished concrete effect
Faux Finish In Rustic Plaster Effect
Rustic plaster effect
Specialist Decorating - Silver "milky Way" Paint Finish
Silver ‘milky way’ finish detail
Silver And Gold Antique Strie From Our Range Of Broken Colour Effects
Silver and gold antique strie
Specialist Decorating Samples Of Speckled Graphite And Aged Silver-gold
Speckled graphite and aged silver-gold
Textured Silver And Copperised Arch
Textured silver and copperised arch, Watts Gallery
Verdigris Faux Finish
Verdigris faux finish
Satinwood Graining On MDF
Wood graining – Satinwood mahogany cabinet
Wood Graining Example Of Flumed Mahogany
Wood graining – Flumed mahogany lift doors
Gilded Stars - Samples For Altarpiece At London Church
Gilded stars, samples for altarpiece, All Saints, Dulwich
Pisces Star Design - Working Samples For Church Altar
Pisces design – working samples for altarpiece
Selection Of Luxury Paint Effects
Luxury painted finishes
Coarse Drag Style With Stippled Panel
Panelling – coarse drag style with stippled panel
Colour Wash In Soft Grey
Colour wash in soft grey
Distressed Finishes For Hand Painted Kitchens
Distressed finishes, hand-painted kitchens
Faux Raised Grain Samples For Hand Painted Kitchens
Faux raised grain, hand-painted kitchens
Faux Raised Grain Samples For Hand Painted Kitchens
Faux raised grain, hand-painted kitchens
Dragged Strie Samples For Hand Painted Kitchens
Dragged strie finishes
Strie Samples For Woodwork
Strie samples for woodwork
Cross Strie Samples For Hand Painted Kitchens
Hand-painted kitchens – cross strie finishes
Sample Finishes For Hand Painted Kitchens
Hand-painted kitchen finishes
Drag Samples For Hand Painted Kitchens
Hand-painted kitchens – drag samples
Samples For Handed Painted Kitchens
Hand-painted kitchen samples
Macassar Or Ebony Wood Graining
Wood grain – macassar
Wood Grained Chair Legs To Match In With Table Legs
Wood grained chair legs to match table
Painted Pompeiian Plaster Effect
Pompeiian plaster effect
Gilded Cross And Hand Painted Gold Stars At All Saints Church, West Dulwich, By Nicola Thwaites Specialist Decorating
All Saints Church West Dulwich – Gilded cross and stars
Hand-painted arabesque motifs
Hand Painted Chinoiserie Style Wallpaper
Hand-painted Chinoiserie wallpaper, Belgravia
Hand-painted wreath – wardrobe doors
Traditional Painted Glaze Work
Traditional painted glaze work
Wood Graining - Faux Mahogany Door
Wood graining – mahogany door
Wood Graining - Faux Burr Walnut Bookcase
Wood graining – Burr walnut bookcase
French Antique Finish For Panelled Room
Sample for panelled room – French Antique
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