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About Specialist Decorating

Specialist decorating has a special place in the history of interior design. From the trompe l’oeil effects of antiquity, and the delicate friezes and decorative elements of the 18th century, to the vibrant glazes and subtle colour washes popular in modern, minimalist interiors, paint effects have been used for centuries to enrich and enliven interior space.

Specialist decorating offers designers and their clients not only beauty but economy. Wood graining can be less costly and more ecological than using hard woods especially those of the rarer  species. Faux marble can be applied for a fraction of the cost of installing real marble, and in less time. Similarly, metallic finishes successfully emulate the richness of gold leaf, bronze, copper and steel. In their own right, special decorative effects enhance mood, light, texture, and space.

An experienced specialist decorator develops knowledge about the interplay of light, color, surface and finish and can play a special role on your interior design team.

Stone Blocked Neoclassical Plinth
Medallion Decorated With Terracotta Paint Effect By Nicola Thwaites Specialist Decorating
Restored Lion And Unicorn Coat Of Arms For Town Hall, London, By Nicola Thwaites Specialist Decorating
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