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Textured Paint Finishes

Specialist decorating is typically associated with traditional and period property interiors. However, the same techniques can create stunning bespoke textured paint finishes for contemporary interiors.

Texture can be built into a room rather than simply added with accessories. Textured paint finishes add dimension and character, changing the way a room feels. As specialist decorators, we render literal textures like stone, leather, bronze, fabric, and weather-washed wood. Our bespoke abstract textures can be tailor-made for contemporary design schemes.

Textured surfaces catch the light in a pleasing way. They can be matt or smooth, rustic or modern, warm or cool. And thickly textured surfaces have the added bonus of hiding uneven surfaces.

Nicola Thwaites Specialist Decorating – London UK – offers a range of specialist painted finishes and decorative painting, including metallic paint finishes colour glazes and colour washes, marbling, wood graining, gilding, stone effects, metal effects, and other faux finishes.

We are based in London and Sussex and work regionally and abroad. We work with interior designers, architects and  private clients.

Feel free to contact us about your specialist decorating project. Visit our gallery of samples at Painted Finishes and Interiors. As a BIID Industry Partner of many years standing, visit us at the British Institute of Interior Design (BIID).

Clockwise: Heavily textured antique plaster effect; Rough concrete paint finish; Sculptural bronze paint effect; Volcanic paint effect

Sculptural Bronze Effect For Interior Design
Heavily Textured Antique Plaster Effect
Rough Faux Concrete Wall Treatment
Textured Painted Wall Finish
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