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Gilding and Gold Leaf, London UK

Gilding is the application of gold leaf or gold paint to a decorative or flat surface. This decorative art is traditionally used to enrich cornices, friezes, mouldings, panelling, and other architectural elements in traditional or period interiors.

Gold leaf is also used to pick out carved details on gilded furniture, picture frames, mirrors, and other furnishings. We offer gilding for traditional interiors and period properties. Furniture and accessories can be gilded in our studio.

Gilding: Ancient Art with Modern Applications

Gilding dates back to Ancient Egypt and is strongly associated with classical and ecclesiastical interiors. However, gold leaf and gilding can also be used to great effect in modern interiors. Our bespoke metallic paint finishes look stunning in contemporary design schemes, and are one of our most popular wall treatments.

Gold leaf comes in a wide range of shades, from 6 carat white gold to 24 carat pure gold leaf. Different shades are created by adding alloys. Imitation gold leaf, also called Dutch metal or Schlag metal, is a brass alloy with zinc and copper. This provides a less costly option than gold leaf.

About Us

Nicola Thwaites Specialist Decorating – London UK – offers a range of specialist paint finishes. In addition to gilding and gold leaf finishes, we provide wood graining, painted plaster, marbling, colour washes, traditional painted glazes, fresco, dragging, cross strié, and stipple and wipe. We also offer decorative painting, trompe l’oeil, and other faux effects.

Learn More

Feel free to contact us regarding your project. We have extensive experience working with interior designers, architects and private clients. Based in London and Sussex, we also work regionally and in Europe.

View more samples by visiting Interiors and Painted Finishes. Or go to the British Institute of Interior Design (BIID), where we are a BIID Industry Partner.

Gilded Cornice At Jacobean Manor In Yorkshire
Samples Of Burnished Gold Leaf, Amber Drag, And Raised Wood Graining Effect
Gilded Stars - Samples For Altarpiece At London Church
White Gold Leaf Applied To 18th Century Console Table
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