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Hand Painted Kitchens

Hand painted kitchens were the height of chic in the 1980s, and still enjoy great popularity today. Nowadays, project managers can install bespoke or off-the-rail kitchen cabinets in MDF. These “blank canvases” can be transformed by a skilled specialist decorator.

Hand painted finishes also offer a beautiful and affordable option for refurbishing tired old kitchen cabinets. So whether you have new MDF units, or want to breathe new life into old kitchen cabinetry, we offer a range of bespoke finishes that are perfect for both.

The stock-in-trade paint finish for newly installed MDF kitchen cabinetry is the drag or strié with “picked out” mouldings. It’s a timeless look that never fails to look uber chic. We offer distressed and antique finishes for rustic country kitchens and other traditional schemes. Subtle, softly brushed effects in neutral colours complement simple Scandi and minimalist style kitchens.

While kitchen cabinetry from the factory floor is uniform, it can also be anonymous. Many of us want a kitchen design that is more multi-dimensional, more personal, and more charming. In a hand painted finish the artisan’s hand comes through, imparting warmth and avoiding the cold and sterile look of  many mechanical, pre-made finishes.

Cost Advantage, Client

Cabinets typically cover a good deal of a kitchen’s surface area. Not surprisingly, they also make the biggest visual impact.  And hand painted kitchens can work out more economical and less disruptive than replacing old with new. Moreover, older kitchen cabinets are often more solidly constructed than what you can buy today–another good reason to refinish rather than replace.

About Us

Nicola Thwaites Specialist Decorating provides bespoke paint finishes for hand painted kitchens. We also offer a range of traditional and contemporary paint finishes for residential and commercial interiors. These include colour washes and glazes, marbling, wood graining, stone blocking, gilding, fresco finishes, decorative painting, textured paint finishes, painted plaster, and more.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your project. We are based in London and Sussex and work regionally and abroad. We work with  interior designers, contractors and private clients.

As a BIID Industry Partner you can see more samples of our work by visiting us at the British Institute of Interior Design (BIID).

Distressed Finishes For Hand Painted Kitchens
Distressed And Raised Grain Finishes For Hand Painted Kitchens
Drag Samples For Hand Painted Kitchens
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