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Wood Graining or Faux Bois

Wood graining is one of several specialist paint finishes offered by Nicola Thwaites Specialist Decorating – London, UK.

Wood graining has deep roots. As far back as Ancient Egypt, this technique has been used for centuries to imitate expensive hardwoods. Wood graining became highly fashionable in the 18th century, and while precious woods were initially imitated for economic reasons, having a high quality hardwood grained room became a symbol of material success and a popular form of decoration in its own right. Wood graining could be realistic, or rendered in a fantasy or naïve style, adding whimsy and charm.

We use wood graining to match in or repair original decorative elements in traditional interiors, such as doors, cupboards, panels, skirting, and window casements.

Our wood graining techniques can also transform MDF and cheap pine into beautiful hardwoods, creating the illusion of mahogany, walnut, antique pine, and other fine wood species. They can also simulate the precious, most sought-after cuts in timber such as burrs, flames, and feathers. We can also reproduce the look of fine inlay and marquetry.

For refurbishing kitchen cabinets and for modern interiors, our range of wood grain finishes includes pickled, bleached, and distressed effects. In fact, we can reproduce the look of pretty much any wood — from rough railroad sleepers to the finest butterflied maple!

About Us

Contact us to discuss your wood graining project. We are based in London and Sussex and work with interior designers, architects, and private clients.

Recent projects include King’s Observatory, Kew, Heritage Lottery restoration for Watts Gallery, wood graining for Ralph Lauren stores, and decorative paint finishes for a range of private residences and commercial interiors.

Browse samples in the Painted Finishes and Interiors gallery. As a BIID Industry Partner of many years standing, see more of our work on the British Institute of Interior Design (BIID) website.

From left: Satinwood graining on MDF board, Mahogany wood grained door, Arts & Crafts wood grained door

Satinwood Graining On MDF
Grand Faux Bois Doors, Avenue Foch, Paris
Faux Bois Or Wood Grained Doors With Gilded Detailing, Mayfair, London.
Faux Satinwood Graining For Lift Interior
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