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Colour Washes - Colour Glazes, Fresco, Drags & Stries

Nicola Thwaites Specialist Decorating, London, UK, offers a range of broken colour effects, colour glazes frescoes and colour washes

Washes and glazes create a richness and depth that flat colour cannot achieve and add beauty and elegance to an interior.

Painted glazes and washes can also be brushed and textured. Dragging for example, is the elegant, two-tone pattern created by dragging a brush through wet glaze to create fine vertical lines. This technique was popular in Georgian interiors, which favoured painted doors, window casements and panels. When finished with varnish, dragging can also provide a soft, antique effect that is practical enough for today’s kitchen cupboards and cabinets.

About Us

Nicola Thwaites Specialist Decorating offers a range of traditional paint finishes for interior decoration. These include marbling, wood graining, stone blocking, gilding, fresco, decorative painting, painted plaster, and colour washes and glazes. We also provide bespoke paint finishes for today’s residential and commercial interiors.

To contact us about your project please send clear photos and a brief summary to or phone 07961 160924. We are based in London and  Sussex and the Home counties.

Colour Washes: Painted Faux Fresco Plaster Effect For Walls
Smoky Colour Washes On Walls
Colour Washes And Hand Painted Motifs On Door Panels
Colour Washes: Golden Fresco Effect Walls, Knightsbridge Residence
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