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Specialist Paint Finishes

Decorative painting and specialist paint finishes have played an important role in the revival and reinvention of interior design. From the trompe l’oeil frescoes of Pompeii to the hand-painted details and painted plaster of Georgian interiors and Art Deco’s burnished surfaces, these traditional paint techniques added richness and depth.

Nicola Thwaites Specialist Decorating – London UK – offers wood graining, stone blocking, marbling, gilding and metallic paint effects, in addition to broken finishes such as colour washes, colour glazes, fresco, dragging, cross strié, and stipple and wipe.

These specialist paint finishes can create a period look and feel. They can restore and match original interiors. We can also apply traditional paint techniques to contemporary interior design projects, accenting minimalist interiors with unique lustres, textures, and colour glazes.

View our online portfolio or contact us to discuss your specialist decorating and restoration needs. Though based in London, UK Nicola Thwaites Specialist Decorating also works regionally. We are an Industry Partner of the British Institute of Interior Design (BIID).

ClockWise: Aged lacquer effect; Metallic antique gold finish; Heavily distressed finish; Black and gold marbelizing

Blue Aged Lacquer From Our Range Of Faux Lacquer Finishes
Antique Gold Metallic Finish For Walls
Black And Gold Marbleising
Heavily Distressed Finish Sample
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